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Benny Hill - Benny's Quickies (1976)

Benny with Lorna Nathan bringing their own food into a restaurant and Henry as the waiter telling them not to do so. Henry, Eddie Buchanan & Jackie Wright ...

【Diana Darvey feat. Benny Hill & Jackie Wright】The Benny Hill Show, 1977

The Benny Hill Show, Show #29, Season 8, Episode 1, Aired January 26, 1977. Continental Cabaret with Diana Darvey : featuring Benny Hill & Jackie Wright as ...

Benny Hill - World of Sport (1976)

World Of Sport with Benny as Dickie Davies, the host of a sports program. NOTE: FILM SEQUENCES DIGITALLY RESTORED Feb. 18, 1976.

Benny Hill - Eddie In August (1970)

Here it is, the complete film of Benny's pet project, digitally restored visual and sound (the source material wasn't in the best shape though). About the Film: ...

Benny Hill - Hospital Hi-Jinx w/Closing Chase (1986)

Hospital Hi-Jinx takes place at an old-folks hospital. April 16, 1986.

Benny Hill - Joggers (1988)

A silent segment which begins with Benny and Lorraine Doyle Just Married and they are changing for bed, but Benny changes into a Jogging outfit and goes ...

Benny Hill - Benny's Quickies (1979)

Patricia Hayes popping in on Jenny Lee Wright and Henry McGee to pick up Baby Benny, a tribute to a man with educated feet, Henry McGee complains about ...

Benny Hill - Escaped Convict 'Closing Chase' (1972)

Benny breaks out of prison, complete with the prison suit still on him and runs afoul of police and others chasing him. Benny soon finds out life on the outside ...

Benny Hill - Benny's Quickies (1991)

Benny and Little Angel Richard Whatling praying at each edge of the bed, followed by Benny as a bartender switching accents with German patron Bob Todd ...


An update of all your favourite cast members from The Benny Hill Show.

Benny Hill - Penalty Goal

Season 1 - Episode 1.

Benny Hill - New York City Bar w/Closing Chase (1991)

Benny in a New York City Bar, getting into a mixup with gangsters (alternating between studio segments with his regular cast - with Bob Todd, Johnny Hutch and ...

Benny Hill Ye old Wishing Well

Benny Hill Ye old Wishing Well.

Benny Hill - Long Dry Summer (1975)

Benny as the daughter to Stella Moray, with Jackie Wright as the \

Benny Hill (2002)

a British documentary.

Benny Hill - Sale of The Half Century (1976)

Bella Emberg, Libby Roberts & Jackie Wright as the contestants. Benny is the host as Nicholas Parsons. April 21, 1976.

Benny Hill - Sway with Diana Darvey (1974)

Benny introduces Diana Darvey who has a short chat with Benny and sings with Benny accompanying her on bongos. Feb. 7, 1974.

Benny Hill - A Streetcar Named Desirée (1991)

Benny as both the Marlon Brando character (here called \

Benny Hill - Sports-Car Pickup (1970)

Benny tries to pickup the girl of his dreams by sitting in an unoccupied sports-car June 3, 1970.

Benny Hill - Fever [BBC Mid-60's]

Pieced together from various doco's, it's still incomplete, but a nice indication of what the sketch was.

Benny Hill - Café Olé (1989)

Benny steps out in a mexican outfit and guitar. The lighting provides a nighttime setting and the girls wear frilly blouses and skirts. April 5, 1989.

Benny Hill - Learning All The Time! (1971)

Learning All The Time is another segment that Benny would repeat in color, with Jenny Lee-Wright as the sexy girl on a park bench, approached by Benny as a ...

Benny Hill - Phantom Phone Call

'The Good, The Bawd And The Benny' (1965 - 1968), 9/16 Collection of some Benny Hill sketches from his early years on BBC and ITV from his shows 'The ...

Benny Hill - Fruit Stand 'Closing Chase' (1975)

Benny plays an angered Fruit Stand owner whom just about everyone steals his fruit. You'll see Bob Todd, Samantha Stevens, Stella Moray, Diana Darvey, Lee ...

Benny Hill: The Untold Story (2009 BBC Radio Documentary)

Hosted by Ben Miller (seen in an earlier upload of the Channel 4 Sitcom Weekend) hosts this radio documentary on the life of Benny. With interviews from Henry ...

Benny Hill - Broken Hearted Lovers Stew (1970)

Benny sings in a kitchen setting with The Ladybirds. December 23, 1970.

Benny Hill - The Great British Dancing Finals (1973)

Benny as Terry Wobegone, the smooth and sophisticated host of a dance competition. Dec. 27, 1973 (recorded Nov. 30, 1973)

Benny Hill - Hospital Hi-Jinx with Rona Newton-John (1970)

Benny runs into some trouble with Olivia Newton-John's sister! Oct. 28, 1970.

Benny Hill - Gay Park Chase 'Closing Chase' (1973)

Benny gets more than he bargained for. Dec. 27, 1973.

Benny Hill - A Host of Guest Stars (1976)

Henry McGee introduces Guest Stars with Professor Marvo (a magician played by Benny) with the members of Love Machine (Claire Lutter, Teresa Lucas, Libby ...

Benny Hill - Film Time: Director Sam Speiler (1974)

Lesley Goldie plays the interviewer to Benny. Benny plays a loud, boisterous, conceited American Film Director who also lets his homosexual side peek through.

Benny Hill - A Marriage Of Convenience (1979)

Fay Hillier is a gold-digging woman who gets Benny down the aisle and finally gets his money. But that's not enough for her. She pushes him to drink, overeat ...

Benny Hill

Bent Hill lift sketch... Sorry about quality.

The Benny Hill Show 1969 S02E04 Full Episode & Season

The Benny Hill Show is a British comedy television show that starred Benny Hill and aired in various incarnations between 15 January 1955 and 30 May 1991 in ...

Benny Hill - Spuds You Like (Street Antics) (1989)

Lorraine Doyle's luggage gets frisky with another piece of luggage among other things. April 5, 1989.

Benny Hill - Nurse Watching in the Park (1970)

Benny and numerous others are treated to a nice view in the park. June 3, 1970.

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