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Benny Hill - Benny's Quickies (1976)

Benny with Lorna Nathan bringing their own food into a restaurant and Henry as the waiter telling them not to do so. Henry, Eddie Buchanan & Jackie Wright ...

Hilarious Benny Hill Moments


【Diana Darvey feat. Benny Hill & Jackie Wright】The Benny Hill Show, 1977

The Benny Hill Show, Show #29, Season 8, Episode 1, Aired January 26, 1977. Continental Cabaret with Diana Darvey : featuring Benny Hill & Jackie Wright as ...

Benny Hill - World of Sport (1976)

World Of Sport with Benny as Dickie Davies, the host of a sports program. NOTE: FILM SEQUENCES DIGITALLY RESTORED Feb. 18, 1976.

Jane Leeves - in The Benny Hill Show!

FIND ME AT https://twitter.com/DoryStentorian Jane started out as a \

Benny Hill - Hospital Hi-Jinx w/Closing Chase (1986)

Hospital Hi-Jinx takes place at an old-folks hospital. April 16, 1986.

Benny Hill - Nurse Watching in the Park (1970)

Benny and numerous others are treated to a nice view in the park. June 3, 1970.

Benny Hill - Sale of The Half Century (1976)

Bella Emberg, Libby Roberts & Jackie Wright as the contestants. Benny is the host as Nicholas Parsons. April 21, 1976.

Benny Hill Theme


Benny Hill (2002)

a British documentary.

Benny Hill- Funny old world

The Benny Hill Show Episode #17.3 (1986) The funny old world moments.

Benny Hill - Joggers (1988)

A silent segment which begins with Benny and Lorraine Doyle Just Married and they are changing for bed, but Benny changes into a Jogging outfit and goes ...

Benny Hill - Wife-Swap (1986)

April 16, 1986.

Benny Hill: The Untold Story (2009 BBC Radio Documentary)

Hosted by Ben Miller (seen in an earlier upload of the Channel 4 Sitcom Weekend) hosts this radio documentary on the life of Benny. With interviews from Henry ...


An update of all your favourite cast members from The Benny Hill Show.

The Benny Hill Show S03E06 1976 Full Episode

The Benny Hill Show is a British comedy television show that starred Benny Hill and aired in various incarnations between 15 January 1955 and 30 May 1991 in ...

Benny Hill - Maria (1979)

Benny steps out to sing a song about the girl of his dreams April 25, 1979.

The Benny Hill Show S05E04 - Coalpits


Techno dancers ft. Benny Hill @ Awakefest '13

Three guys dancing on techno house music is funny already. But replacing the techno music with Benny Hills famous tune, is just hilarious! Enjoy :-) The Benny ...

Benny Hill - The Strolling Ones (1965)

Benny is a rock star who sings \

Benny Hill - Musical Favorites (1979)

Benny and Henry McGee do an excellent parody of Johnny Dankworth & Cleo Laine. Then it's Benny as the late Liberace. Listen to Roger Finch and a girl argue ...

Benny Hill The Misadventures Of Robin Hood 1976 & Spouse Swap 1971

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Benny Hill [Learning All The Time]

The Benny Hill Show was a British comedy television show starring Benny Hill. There were various incarnations of the show between 15 January 1955 and 30 ...

Benny Hill - Athletics w/Closing Chase (1979)

Benny and a group of athletes are enjoying a sports marathon. April 25, 1979.

Benny Hill - Behind The Scenes (1986)

Some rare clips from Behind The Scenes making the 'Film Editors' Sketch.

Benny Hill - Beach of Waikiki (1975)

Benny is introduced in Benny's Ballad: Beach of Waikiki, with Benny performing a brief monologue and then accompanying the beautiful Diana Darvey as an ...

Benny Hill - Newer Faces (1975)

Newer Faces, with Benny as the nasally-challenged host of a talent competition. Jan. 8, 1975.

The Benny Hill Show Theme Tune

The Benny Hill Show Theme Tune.

Benny Hill

Hope you like the video jijijiijij Espero que les guste el video jijijiijij.

BennY Hill ShoW - Sport NewS


Benny Hill - Long Dry Summer (1975)

Benny as the daughter to Stella Moray, with Jackie Wright as the \

Benny Hill - The Minstrel Boy (1974)

Benny becomes a successful Minstrel with the help of Henry McGee as his manager. Feb. 7, 1974.

The Benny Hill Show - Beat The Clock (1961)

A parody of the early British TV game show 'Beat The Clock'. This was the opening to his March 4, 1961 show. Benny is joined by Vivienne Martin and Terry ...

Benny Hill - Welcome President Fartas! w/Closing Chase (1988)

Bob Todd is an official who gets Benny and Johnny Hutch to paint over graffiti on a large wall. They must beautify the area before President Fartas arrives.

Benny Hill - The Great British Dancing Finals (1973)

Benny as Terry Wobegone, the smooth and sophisticated host of a dance competition. Dec. 27, 1973 (recorded Nov. 30, 1973)

Then and Now: The Cast of The Benny Hill Show


Benny Hill - Film Time: Director Sam Speiler (1974)

Lesley Goldie plays the interviewer to Benny. Benny plays a loud, boisterous, conceited American Film Director who also lets his homosexual side peek through.

Benny Hill - Benny's Snuff Box 'Closing Chase' (1976)

Benny buys a Snuff Box from Eddie Buchanan and sneezes the dress off of Jenny Westbrook, sneezes a tent off of Leanne Robinson & Monika Ringwald and ...

Benny Hill - Kabaret Hill's Angels (1989)

German Kabaret with Hill's Angels Mit Otto Schtuk und die Bavarian Schtompers. The Angels dance to a bavarian style tune wearing German costumes with ...

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